History of the Premises HelpDesk Module


  • Improved stability, robustness, and speed.


  • Specify whether to use the subject field or the first 30 characters of the description
  • Specify whether to use the priority field
  • Specify whether to use the common problems field
  • Specify what the common problems are
  • Upload images to tickets by originator or Premises/Caretaking staff
  • Select the reason for why the user has created a ticket/job (Premises/Caretaking staff only)
  • View a customisable report on the reasons for request
  • View a customisable report on open/closed tickets/jobs
  • Specify whether to use the upload images feature
  • Specify whether admins (i.e. Premises/Caretaking staff) can upload images
  • Specify whether the originator can upload images
  • Specify what the reasons for request are


  • View list of outstanding jobs/tickets
  • View list of all jobs/tickets
  • Add a new job/ticket with criteria: category, priority, subject, common problem, and description
  • Add followups to a ticket to keep the originator up-to-date with developments
  • With each new job/ticket and followup, the originator and Technical Support staff are sent the updates by email
  • Tickets/jobs can be closed by either the orginator or Technical Support staff
  • Tickets/jobs can be re-opened by either the originator or Technical Support staff
  • Display notices to everyone.

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