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Purchase Price: FREE £815 FREE FREE £409 £733
Support Price: £341pa £815pa £341pa £341pa £409pa £733pa
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Calendar X X X X X X
Messaging X X X X X
Room Booking X X X X X
IT HelpDesk X X X X X
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? What is the difference between purchase price and support price?
The purchase price is the cost to purchase the product. Where this cost is not "FREE" the cost will include 1 year of support and updates. Any "FREE" costs will not include any support. However, you can purchase the support if you wish, which is the support price. The support price is also applicable to anyone else once their first year has expired, which is optional. Paid support also includes installing updates during that year, excluding the individual license.

If you should have any queries then please contact Sales.

? How can I order introupe?   ? Do you accept purchase orders?
To order introupe you can either contact Sales or one of our preferred software resellers. Alternatively you can also ask your own preferred reseller to contact us in regard to purchasing introupe.   Official purchase orders can be sent directly to ANB Software (either email, post or fax) whereby the necessary license keys will be issued and an invoice generated and sent. Please note, official purchase orders sent by email MUST be sent from valid email addresses of the organisation purchasing the system.
? Do you offer remote management?   ? Do you provide the system pre-installed on a server?
Yes, we do offer remote management services. This option can be selected along with any other option. NOTE: You would be required to manage the server physically and enable remote access to it. The system will be configured by ourselves remotely according to your requirements. It will also be maintained remotely by ourselves to ensure it is fully up-to-date and minimal downtime.

Pricing: £200pa.
We do offer the option where we can pre-install the system on to a server of your choosing. NOTE: You would be required to physically install the server yourself. The system will be configured by ourselves according to your requirements.

Pricing starts from £300pa (tower) or £700pa (rack mounted).
? Do you offer remote hosting?   ? Do you provide any customisation options?
We do offer remote hosting for introupe. If you require this option then the system will be configured by ourselves according to your requirements. It will also be maintained by ourselves to ensure it is fully up-to-date and minimal downtime.

Pricing starts from £300pa (Virtual Server) or £900pa (Dedicated Server).

Dedicated Servers can be shared between different sites, if you would like to bring the cost down and share amongst other clients. This is only available when you purchase the system and you must specify and purchase the system for all who will be accessing it. For example, if you are a secondary school who support all your feeder (primary) schools, you may wish to purchase a dedicated server to serve you and your feeder schools. So, the £900pa cost would be split between you and your feeder schools.
introupe can be customised beyond changing the theme and colours to suit your organisation. You may wish to move items around, or remove links to certain areas, or even add a few bits 'here and there'. For any customisation like this, we would require remote access to the server in order to perform the customisation. We would also have to manually update your installation when new updates are released in order to maintain your customisations. Therefore, as a start, you must purchase the Remote Management license above. To discuss the customisation you require, and the cost involved, please contact Sales.

Pricing: Varied.

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