History of the TeamLeader Module


  • Change priority, title, 'do on', and 'do for'


  • Sort tasks list by priority, title, date to do on, and date posted.
  • Improved the addition of followups when linked to the IT HelpDesk


  • Create tasks for individuals or selected team members
  • Team members can create their own tasks for theirselves
  • Set priority level for each task
  • Show team member's tasks on SchoolNET homepage (after login)
  • Define management structure
  • Specify which management level can assign tasks
  • Specify which management level can manage the module
  • View tasks for specific team members (managers only)
  • View closed tasks as well as open ones
  • Specify date when task needs to be done on
  • Specify time when task needs to be done (requires date settings)
  • Link into a HelpDesk (IT or Premises)
  • Assign HelpDesk Tickets to team members from within the HelpDesk (managers only)
  • Add followups to task
  • Add followups to task and HelpDesk (if linked to HelpDesk)
  • Close task and HelpDesk Ticket from within task
  • Re-open tasks
  • Re-open task and HelpDesk Ticket (if linked to HelpDesk)
  • View followups from HelpDesk (if linked to HelpDesk)

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