Calendar Module

The Calendar module is simply an area that can contain organisation wide events. Users are allowed to view key dates and events and create their own events (if they have permission to do so).



For schools, the Calendar module can be used to replace the school diary/planner that gets issued to all students and staff at the beginning of the school year. Throughout the year changes will occur to the diary, iether postponements or additions, and in doing so a new diary may have to be produced and redistributed to all staff and students. This module removes the need for a paper based diary of school events. For businesses, the Calendar module can be used to inform staff of company events or key dates. For example, you may have a company wide meeting every Monday morning at 9am, or on the 15th of every month everyone must complete and return their expenses. The Calendar module is versatile to be used however you need it.

The current version is v2.3.7


  • Meetings
  • Events
  • Arrivals/departures
  • Daily Notices
  • Deadlines
  • Key dates
  • Reminders

Latest News

There is a planned spin-off module called Planner, where you can make entries similar to a planner that do not have a specific time, i.e. morning/afternoon/evening.


  • Base System v2.3

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