CMS Module

Improve the accessibility of your organisations documents and materials by placing them in the CMS for users to access. For schools, these documents could be lesson materials, lesson objectives, homework, etc. For businesses, these documents could be company procedures, operations, admin forms, etc.

Create and manage content with relative ease of use by using the built-in online editor. This system allows non-technical users to make changes to existing content with little or no training.

The current version is v2.3.7.


  • Online forms, e.g. holiday requests, expense claims, etc.
  • Online procedures & policy documents
  • Store reports
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Online information
  • Store any documentation or files (*file types and size limtations apply)

For schools:

  • Store and access lesson materials
  • Outline lesson objectives
  • Specify homework and additional dwonloadable materials and files
  • Store notices to parents so they can view all notices that have been issued
  • Create subject mini-sites, e.g. Science, English, etc

For businesses:

  • Store and access company documents, e.g. company procedures
  • Store and accessmeeting/training materials
  • Outline meeting/training objectives
  • Upload any training documents, materials, and courses
  • Create departmental mini-sites


  • Create unlimited categories, sub-categories, and pages/articles
  • Upload documents/files into any page
  • Specify who has access to read and write to each category/page.
  • Add description, expiration date, and keywords to each page.
  • Online WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Add images
  • Add links
  • Edit HTML code directly (optional)


  • Base System v2.3

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