Room & Equipment Booking Module

Tick Allow users to book rooms and equipment easily and quickly
Tick No more double bookings!
Tick Web based for easy access
Tick Import school timetable
Tick Single, Daily, Week Daily, Weekly, and Fortnightly Bookings Fornightly allows for bi-weekly timetables

The current version is v2.3.5.

NOTE: Requires IT Inventory Module

TimeTable Import utility is also available for schools to import their timetable into this module.

Looking for an online Room Booking System?

This Booking module can be used to fulfil your needs of a room booking system, whilst also giving you additional features such as a calendar, news, CMS, etc. There are many customers that use introupe solely for the Room Booking module, as it is so easy for people to use but can handle complex bookings and rooms, as well as equipment. For the Booking module you will also need the IT Inventory module and the base system.

What is the Booking module?

The Booking module allows designated users to book rooms and equipment with your organisation. User can quickly book rooms and equipment by browsing through room categories (e.g. IT Rooms, Meeting Rooms, etc) and simply click 'Book' in the desired timeslot. Timeslots can be specified based on your criteria. For schools this will be the periods of the day. For businesses this may be designated meetings times or simply hourly timeslots (i.e. 9-10, 10-11, etc).

Alternatively, you can view the booking system in calendar view, which will show you the entire day and all bookings. For schools, you would have the periods as timeslots and then be able to view the extended school day in the calendar view. For businesses, you would have the meeting timeslots and then be able to view the entire day for other bookings in the calendar view.

As this system is entirely online it is impossible to have double bookings. The system also has the ability to import bookings or create bookings in bulk, i.e. school timetable. Coming soon is a utility to import the school timetable from a CSV file.

Why use this Booking module?

As the Booking system is online any networked computer will be able to access the system. No local software or additional plugins are required. There are various options available to the administrators to customise the system to meets your specific needs and use.

Some examples of using this system may include:

  • Book ICT Rooms
  • Book meeting rooms
  • Book library, hall, gym, and other rooms
  • Book rooms for out-of-hours bookings
  • Book equipment

Schools that have the Booking module use it to allow teachers to book IT rooms, meeting rooms, library areas, and halls. They also use it to allow the teachers to book equipment for specific lessons.

Businesses that have the Booking module use it to allow employees to book meeting rooms and equipment.

Other unique uses include appointment bookings, house viewings (estate agents), and organisations that have many external room and equipment bookings (e.g. football clubs).

Main Features

  • Book rooms and equipment (assets) easily and quickly
  • Group rooms for easier navigation
  • Add equipment to room bookings, i.e. book a meeting room and a projector (for the meeting room), and handle as one booking
  • Make/create repeat bookings, i.e. every Wednesday at 2pm-3pm in meeting room
  • View available rooms and equipment as 'time slots' (i.e. period 1,period 2,etc) or timesheet (i.e. 9am-10am,10am-11am,etc).

Detailed Features

  • Make rooms and assets available for booking
  • Group rooms into sets, i.e. IT Rooms, Classrooms, etc
  • Book rooms and assets for the 'extended day'
  • Limit the number of days certain user groups can make advance bookings
  • Simple click of 'Book' and the room is booked
  • Clicking 'Book' on an asset requiries further information (i.e. room)
  • Add equipment/assets to room bookings if required
  • Add attendees to bookings if they are required, i.e. for a meeting
  • View rooms/assets by day or by room/asset
  • View bookings for the 'extended day'
  • Add a repeat booking: daily, week daily, or weekly.
  • For repeat bookings, specify an end date
  • For repeat bookings, specify dates NOT to repeat on (i.e. for half-term)
  • Before making a booking, you can check whether the room and assets are available
  • Give each booking a title and description (both optional)
  • Specify whether the booking can be unbooked - i.e. you don't want to unbook a timetabled lesson (administrators only)
  • Assets can be added on certain dates in repeat bookings, and not for every booking (optional)
  • View 'My Bookings'
  • Specify the start and end date for the entire booking system (administrators only)
  • Specify the start and end time of the 'extended day' (administrators only)
  • Specify the interval for the 'extended day' view (i.e. 60mins) (administrators only)
  • Specify whether assets are available for booking (administrators only)
  • Specify which assets are available for booking - linked into IT Inventory (administrators only)
  • Add multiple bookings (i.e. for importing timetable) (administrators only)
  • Specify periods of the school day (i.e. period booking) (administrators only)
  • Unbook other users' bookings (administrators only)
  • Change any option of a booking (i.e. user, room, etc) (administrators and originator only)


  • Base System v2.3
  • IT Inventory v1.3

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