History of the Booking Module


  • Improved stability, robustness, and speed
  • Block unbooking (admin only)
  • Block 'repeat not' adding (i.e. adding half-terms)
  • Defined 'repeat not' dates (i.e. half-terms)


  • Add facility to optionally select what information to show on a booking


  • Resolved bug with unbooking repeat entries


  • New Booking Entry Wizard added


  • Resolved bug with double booking


  • After making a booking in a future day you are now return to the future day instead of the current day


  • Resolved bug with reporting rooms are not available when they are


  • Resolved bug with 'repeat not'


  • Make rooms and assets available for booking
  • Group rooms into sets, i.e. IT Rooms, Classrooms, etc
  • Book rooms and assets for the 'extended day'
  • Limit the number of days certain user groups can make advance bookings
  • Simple click of 'Book' and the room is booked
  • Clicking 'Book' on an asset requiries further information (i.e. room)
  • Add assets to room bookings if required
  • Add attendees to bookings if they are required, i.e. for a meeting
  • View rooms/assets by day or by room/asset
  • View bookings for the 'extended day'
  • Add a repeat booking: daily, week daily, or weekly.
  • For repeat bookings, specify an end date
  • For repeat bookings, specify dates NOT to repeat on (i.e. for half-term)
  • Before making a booking, you can check whether the room and assets are available
  • Give each booking a title and description (both optional)
  • Specify whether the booking can be unbooked - i.e. you don't want to unbook a timetabled lesson (administrators only)
  • Assets can be added on certain dates in repeat bookings, and not for every booking (optional)
  • View 'My Bookings'
  • Specify the start and end date for the entire booking system (administrators only)
  • Specify the start and end time of the 'extended day' (administrators only)
  • Specify the interval for the 'extended day' view (i.e. 60mins) (administrators only)
  • Specify whether assets are available for booking (administrators only)
  • Specify which assets are available for booking - linked into IT Inventory (administrators only)
  • Add multiple bookings (i.e. for importing timetable) (administrators only)
  • Specify periods of the school day (i.e. period booking) (administrators only)
  • Unbook other users' bookings (administrators only)
  • Change any option of a booking (i.e. user, room, etc) (administrators and originator only)

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