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IT HelpDesk Module

Allow users to easily report ICT problems to the ICT team. The ICT team can then keep the users up-to-date regarding the problem.

In both schools and businesses the IT departments are usually overran with problems, and keeping track of them can be a nightmare, not to mention those that "catch you" whilst you are on your way to sorting out another problem. This module can alleviate all that by giving staff the access to report ICT problems in an efficient and professional manner. This gives the ICT department a full list of outstanding (and completed) jobs, thereby making planning far easier. The ICT department can then use the system to reply back their progress to the staff member reporting the problem. Thereby, removing the need for staff to pester the ICT department requesting updates to their problem, which in turn frees up more time for the ICT department to handle the problems reported.

The current version is v2.4.3.


  • Record all IT related problems
  • Inform users about availability of servers/services


  • View list of outstanding jobs/tickets
  • View list of all jobs/tickets
  • Add a new job/ticket with criteria: category, priority, subject, common problem, and description
  • Add followups to a ticket to keep the originator up-to-date with developments
  • With each new job/ticket and followup, the originator and Technical Support staff are sent the updates by email
  • Tickets/jobs can be closed by either the orginator or Technical Support staff
  • Tickets/jobs can be re-opened by either the originator or Technical Support staff
  • Display notices to everyone.
  • Specify whether to use the subject field or the first 30 characters of the description
  • Specify whether to use the priority field
  • Specify whether to use the common problems field
  • Specify what the common problems are
  • Select the reason for why the user has created a ticket/job (Premises/Caretaking staff only)
  • View a customisable report on the reasons for request
  • View a customisable report on open/closed tickets/jobs
  • Specify what the reasons for request are


  • Base System v2.3

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