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The History Of introupe

introupe was originally conceived, designed, and developed by a secondary school in the UK. It was originally conceived to aid in the management of processes within the school, as well as to provide a system to allow teachers to access online materials only available within the school quickly and easily.

introupe was originally called SchoolNET. It started development in 1999 as a simple Intranet system, and included a room booking system, an IT help desk, and an IT inventory.

In 2003 the school that was developing SchoolNET had a contract to provide an Intranet system to all of their feeder (primary) schools. This therefore required a new updated Intranet with new modules and features. Version 2.0 was now conceived, which included a content managment system (CMS), forum, calendar, and updated room booking system, IT help desk, and IT inventory.

Since v2.0 was completed and released other modules have been created, including a Premises help desk, a brand new room booking system including booking equipment, a messaging system, a team task list manager (TeamLeader), and a work experience module.

In 2007 the ownership of the system was transferred to ANB Software Ltd. As well as continuing support for the schools who have the system installed, we also looked at improving it. It underwent a major make-over 'under-the-hood' to improve robustness, reliability, and speed. During this process the modules Forum, TeamLeader, and Work Experience were temporarily dropped. They will return in the future, but most likely the forum module will be replaced with a fully featured third party one.

In 2008 small companies have noticed that this system has also been useful for them. Especially the IT HelpDesk, Premises HelpDesk, IT Inventory, CMS, and Booking system. Due to this, and also the fact that there are now other products available from other suppliers using the same name, the system was renamed to introupe.

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