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For the improvements of any modules please browse the modules.

Add students to the login system

We have been looking into students having access to certain material on the Intranet but that is not publicly accessible.

New Modules?


Similar to the Calendar module except that there are no set times. This planner will simply have morning, afternoon, and evening (customisable).

Vandalism Log

The amount of vandalism that occurs in schools in phenomenal. This module would record all the vandalism encountered in your school, and would also link into the IT HelpDesk and Premises HelpDesk.

Homespace Access

This would allow users of the system to access their homespace/home directories from home. This would only work if this system was used as an Extranet and acccessible from outside their network.

Interform Sports

This module would be aimed mainly at the PE department for them to manage sports event between form groups and record their achievements. May include: sports league, sports cup, sports tournament, overall results, etc. (*sports: maybe football, netball, tennis, etc)

Online Tests

This module would provide teachers to create tests online, and for students to take them either in lesson, school, or at home (Extranet).

  • They could create all the questions, and even type of questions, i.e. multiple choice or not.
  • The time for when the tests can be taken can be set by the teacher, i.e. so it could only be done in a lesson.
  • The teacher can set a pass percentage which the student must reach.
  • On failure, the teacher can reset the test so that the student can retake it. Although this time the teacher can either higher the pass percentage or specify the highest pass percentage. For example, if the student passed the second time with 70%, and the highest pass percentage was set at 50%, then the student would get 50%.
  • The teacher can set which students have access to a test they have created.

Note: This module would require student logins into the system.


Enable users to buy/sell/auction items to each other.

Contact Management

Manage your contacts. Import and export from/to various file formats.

Image Library

Stores images and files for use by anyone. Images can be downloaded and uploaded by specified users.


Users can search for locations using any postcode, address, or town/city. The results will be displayed by Multimap.

Accident Log

An online accident book/log with all required fields of an actual accident book.


Allow users to create polls to receive feedback from other users on a certain topic. Additional options will include anonymous voting and expiration date.

Software Licenses

Manage all of your software licenses. See when they expire and how much it cost, as well as renewal costs.

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